Wednesday, November 3, 2010

yoga poses

Cat poseCat pose

From the position shown opposite inhale bring the chest down and look forward. On the exhale raise the spine up and tilt the chin to the chest.

Experiment with slow Yoga breaths using sound and more rapid movements using faster breaths. Maybe do combinations of both these movements.

This pose can be done after a number of strenuous yoga postures to bring balance to the spine. If cobra pose has been held for a long time it is ice to do the cat flow.

Inhale and exhale flowing up and down at least 5 times each time you perform the cat flow.

Placing weight on the knees without proper padding can aggravate them. Place a towel down or double fold your mat for extra padding under the knees if you find this exercise bothersome.

Benefits: Cat flow is a very good yoga exercise for spinal health. The motion creates a good flow of blood.
Good blood flow in the spine is essential for transportation of nutrients and oxygen.
body is filled with oxygen, so it keeps a man fresh & tender full day & everyday.

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