Monday, May 23, 2011

Five Types Of Prana

Even though prana is a term loosely used to cover all energies, ancient manuals of yoga speak of ten
pranas, five major and five minor ones. The five major pranas are udana, prana, samana, apana, and vyana.
Udana rules the upper part of the body from the larynx up, and governs use of special senses beyond the five senses.
Prana rules between the larynx and the heart, governing speech, breath and the respiratory system.
Samana rules between the heart and the navel, governing all metabolic activity in the act of digestion.
Apana rules below the navel and governs the kidneys, colon, rectum bladder and genitals.
Vyana permeates the entire body and governs relaxation and contraction of all muscles, voluntary or involuntary,It also governs the joints and their movements. By controlling the prana (breath) one can access and influence all the other pranas, which
explains the universal usage of this word for representing all the pranas.

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