Sunday, November 28, 2010


What Is Meditation?

Turiya is the highest state of mind possible. It is the seventh level of breath awareness in meditation.
Since the beginning of life, the child learns how to move, not how to be still. The yogi learns how to be still. It can
take many years to learn how to be still. Most teachers of meditation teach the student breath awareness before
leading the student to more advanced methods of meditation. Deeper states of meditation simply cannot be
reached without awareness and control of the breath. The mind identifies with the outer world, and in order to be
aware of that which is beyond the mind, perfect stillness and tranquility must be achieved.
The first thing to become aware of is the breath. Many people wonder why their meditations are not
more powerful or deep, but usually it can be traced back to the fact that they are not, nor have ever been, aware
of the breath. Awareness of the breath is the first movement of the mind inward.
The following is a series of steps inward in breath awareness:


1. Find a comfortable posture.
2. Develop calm, serene breathing.
3. Develop a calm and steady mind.
4. Control the conscious mind.
5. Control involuntary processes and the unconscious mind.
6. The mind becomes aware that it is conditioned by time, space and causation. Train it to become
aware of the now, an essential part of understanding eternity.
7. the highest state of bliss, peace, happiness, and wisdom is attained. & it is known as "Turiya".

Benefits Of Meditation:

Meditation increases the luster of your body, it gives you the refreshment for whole day. it removes every diseases from your body & increases your strength. it grows your confidence by refreshing your mind & keeping it cool full day.
Most important benefit of meditation is, it gives you relief from your daily routine stress. its not only make your body healthy but your mind is also becomes healthier by practicing this daily with the right guidance. it even changes your ace color, face looks more brighter than before it was & eyes becomes tender after some days. because whatever your inner body or mind position
lies, it states on our face so if you are disease 100% healthy & happy, stress-free from inner mind your face automatically changes.
Meditation increases your concentration & memory power also. nowadays many from the famous personalities (actors, models, fitness trainers) do meditation daily, they find it essential or relieving stress & increase their beauty.

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